No better occasion than the Summer vacations to publish a travel-inspired real wedding.

Stefano and Silvia have always their suitcases ready to go somewhere. They’d been travelling a lot since they got engaged, more than 10 years ago, and they wanted their guests to be involved in their trips around Europe somehow.
I was very happy when they called me asking to help them to organize their big day: they are good friends of mine and the travel theme is very stimutating, especially for a globetrotter like me!

Vintage suitcases, Polaroids and maps: here they are the key elements of the whole wedding.

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Silvia and Stefano know well I love recycling stuff in creative ways. They support my philosophy so I was completely free to make the decorations the way I had in mind. I dug through small antique markets and secondhand stores looking for vintage details: a carton suitcase for the rice tossing, old pharmacy small bottles to be used as vases for the flowers. Most of the decorations were handmade: with colors, fabrics, laces and a lot of fantasy, old shoes boxes turned into nice centerpiece suitcases; jam and honey jars were filled with flowers.



The guestbook was a fun entertainment for friends and relatives at the reception: stamps and colored inks, cards and stickers were used to leave wishing messages to the couple.


Have a glimpse into the seating plan if you still haven’t decided your next destination for the holidays!



photo: Serendipity, Fototerry di Giacomo Terracciano