Suppose you have a boyfriend and he proposed to you, and you said “Yes”. Suppose you set a date and found the perfect location for your wedding. Suppose you have already made a good “to-do” list with the proper timing (if you feel anxious at the idea, you should consider the possibility of having a wedding planner by your side, and it could be me) and you have already put a tick next to a few entries… Among the very first entries I bet you wrote “wedding gown” (you might have written “groom suit” down below because men usually take less time to choose, and, above all, because the focus is on the bride… it doesn’t mean the groom is entitled to look kitsch!).
You have dreamt about your wedding gown since you were a little girl, or you have started thinking about it at your girlfriends’ weddings; you have created a Pinterest board with dozens of pictures of gowns in different styles, or you have made your own idea of what you like and Pin just a few.
Either you are a ditherer or you know exactly what is the dress you want, don’t forget to consider the following aspects when going wedding dress shopping and be sure you’ll find the right wedding dress.

Wedding date
Start your search in advance if you want a tailor-made gown or a particular dress which might not be available in the boutiques close to you.
Keep in mind the date and schedule of your wedding ceremony and party and choose a model of dress which is also adequate to the season and to the time (neckline, sleeves, materials, lenght…).

wedding countdownon Something Tourquoise website you can find a tutorial to create nice “countdown” bricks
if you are not a handy person download the free app “Wedding Countdown” from the App Store

Type of ceremony / wedding luncheon venue
The style of the wedding gown (and groom suit) should match the type of ceremony (civil, humanist, religious, formal/informal) and be in harmony with the venue.

You set an appointment in a bridal shop. They have plenty of gorgeous gowns but you realize they are too expensive for your pocket. You decide to try a few… you are there after all! You find the dress of your dreams but in your heart you know you can’t afford it. You go back home and you feel down because you have nothing and you believe you’ll never find a dress as beautiful as that one… You deserve to live a happy and touching experience in a bridal shop, so get informed about the price range of a particular boutique and, when you go there, let the shop consultant know about the realistic figure of your budget.

Yours and your husband’s-to-be, so as you will avoid to look as two teenagers or too much mature and serious, on the other hand. I also suggest to consider your age and your fiancé’s individually in case you are not peer.

Body Shape
You should not forget that the right dress is not only the one you fall in love with because of its fine embroideries and precious fabrics… it’s also the one which makes you feel comfortable and highlights your best assets while hiding your less favourable traits. That’s the reason why there are particular models of gowns which best fit each Body Shape.

Skin’s undertone
Cool, warm, neutral? If you have blonde hair it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a cool and if you are a brunette you may be not a warm. It’s important to identify your skin’s tone to choose the colour of your wedding dress (optical white, off-white, ivory, pastel…) which accentuates your natural features and makes you glow.

I’ll talk about the Body Shapes in deep in my next post, with some examples which will help you to discover yours.

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