Wet bride, lucky bride!

"Wet bride, lucky bride!" is the most common saying we Italian people love to cheer brides in case of rain on their wedding day, while we desperately try to find a positive aspect in this negative situation. This has probably been a very frequent sentence heard during this summer weddings in Italy. Do you think brides has really felt lucky? I have serious do[...]

Our friend, our bride

When the bride is first of all a good friend, I take my uniform of wedding planner off and dress the part of the super-organized friend. It's very useful to have a friend with a good relationship with the suppliers, who knows well how to move in the web to find those materials which are impossible to source in Italy, who is very flexible when it's about work[...]

Day 1 - Let's start!

It's May 15th 2014 today and I'm finally online with my website and my blog. I'm not very chatty, I prefer to let the pictures and images of beautiful things picked here and there talk, I prefer to express myself through the new objects I make and my great partners-friends make for me. So don't expect to read poems in this blog, as I just want to talk about [...]