Lots of Love in the Verdicchio hills

“New Year’s resolution… drink less and quit smoking… and keep New Year’s resolutions!” that’s what Bridget Jones said when she first met the perfect Marc Darcy.
I don’t smoke and I drink a little so my resolutions for 2016 are 1) write a new post in my blog at least once a week and 2) take advantage of my gym subscription 🙂 It’s going to be hard but I’ll succeed!

As a tribute to Bridget Jones (watching the movie with my sister is a must during Xmas holidays), I start 2016 with a post about a British young couple who chose the green hills of Jesi and the town of Staffolo in particular, to exchange their vows and celebrate their love with relatives and friends.

The destination wasn’t picked randomly: the bride’s family (her father is from Italy) owns a charming property named Casa Carlotta (please visit http://www.casacarlotta.co.uk/index.html), a few kilometres far from the centre of Staffolo. I think that getting married in a place which is full of memories and hosting your loved ones in an intimate, family environment is simply wonderful.

Alexandra and Alexander asked for a rustic arrangement, to be in harmony with the house, fresh, young and peppy at the same time. Their friends helped me to hang colorful pom poms, satin ribbons and lanters to the trees. We arranged hay bales instead of chairs for the guests to be seated during the ceremony: I added cushions, foam and fabrics to make them feel more comfortable.


The real original touch came from the groom. Alexander is a designer and he created the perfect romantic background for the exchange of their vows by using the old doors of the house: sweet and lovely.



Alex & Alex got a humanist marriage. The wedding was conducted by Liana from UAAR: she accompanied the couple in their path by creating a meaningful, touching ceremony, tailored to them.
The exchange of rings followed the Handfasting ritual, an ancient British custom.


The wedding program was printed on a heart-shaped fans: very useful in an August Italian wedding to keep the guests fresh and informed.
Together with the fans we provided lavender to toss and heel savers: a must for an outdoor garden wedding.


After the ceremony the newlyweds offered their guests some Spumante Verdicchio for a refreshing toast. collage2

While everybody was relaxing a bit by the pool, I drove Al&Al to Staffolo town hall for the civil ceremony. collage3A lot of local people were waiting for them in front of the building to celebrate the couple with glasses in their hands… It wasn’t an ordinary saturday of August: that saturday the famous Festival of Verdicchio was taking place!


Once the legal formalities were done, the newlyweds walked to the restaurant for the wedding luncheon. The guests were waiting for them at Grotta del Frate, one of the best restaurant in the area for traditional cuisine.

The decorations at the restaurant were very simple: it’s food and wine to have the main role on Italian tables!
The mother of the groom made small bouquets with country flowers and Alex & Alex used pictures of them to identify the tables. I prepared the wedding favours: small glass bottles with the delicious “Vino di Visciola” from Tenuta San Martino local winery.
Since the bride loves tattoos and the groom loves dinosaurs, many temporary tattoos of the extinct giants were available for the guests to have fun.


After the feast, everybody was back to the house for the pool party.
We moved the hay bales close to the pool and set them as relax spots; paper lantern and giant balloons were floating on the water; torches and small candles were placed here and there in the garden; lights were hanging over the dance floor…


Alexander is crazy about good whiskey so Alexandra, to surprise him, asked me to arrange a whiskey & cigar bar… The gentlemen were so delighted!

whiskey&cigar-barThe open bar was full of Verdicchio wine and fresh beer to match the Wedding Cheese Cake.


Alex & Alex didn’t show any strain and didn’t stop a minute… They led the dancing and entertained the guests until late.


At the end of the night, Alexandra gathered everyone around the pool to thank relatives and friends for being with them. She said thank you to his love Alexander too… and then suddenly pulled him with her in the water for an unexpected trash the dress 🙂


I wish to thank the family of the bride for choosing me as their wedding planner. It was such a pleasant experience for me: getting people to know the beauty of my land through my job fills me with pride.


Photo: Blondi and Serendipity
Location: Casa Carlotta / Ristorante La Grotta del Frate (Staffolo)
Verdicchio and Visciola: Tenuta San Martino
Special thanks to Comune di Staffolo for the warm welcome, to Gilberto Sturba for the car, to Andrea Grassetti for his great help