Elisa + Francesco and a lovely winter wedding

A romantic winter wedding Elisa and Francesco are about to celebrate their first anniversary of marriage. They got in touch with me in May 2016, with a very few ideas and even less time to develop them. 2 things they knew for sure: first, they wanted to get married within the year; second, they would have loved their wedding to be in December (a winter wed[...]

Say "Yes" to the dress - A few tips to make the right choice

Suppose you have a boyfriend and he proposed to you, and you said "Yes". Suppose you set a date and found the perfect location for your wedding. Suppose you have already made a good "to-do" list with the proper timing (if you feel anxious at the idea, you should consider the possibility of having a wedding planner by your side, and it could be me) and you ha[...]

A British Wedding Party in the land of Verdicchio - Alex & Alex

"New Year's resolution... drink less and quit smoking... and keep New Year's resolutions!" that's what Bridget Jones said when she first met the perfect Marc Darcy. I don't smoke and I drink a little so my resolutions for 2016 are 1) write a new post in my blog at least once a week and 2) take advantage of my gym subscription :-) It's going to be hard but I[...]

A sparkling couple - Marco and Eleonora

For all those people who miss sun and beach, here below a fresh post about a summer wedding by the sea. Marco e Eleonora are a "sparkling" couple: last year they eloped to America and they said "I do" in the city of blinding lights... They came back with a glittering wedding gown and a few months ago they celebrated their love with their families and frie[...]

The globetrotters - Stefano and Silvia

No better occasion than the Summer vacations to publish a travel-inspired real wedding. Stefano and Silvia have always their suitcases ready to go somewhere. They'd been travelling a lot since they got engaged, more than 10 years ago, and they wanted their guests to be involved in their trips around Europe somehow. I was very happy when they called me as[...]

A lively family - Angelo, Simona and Petra

February 15th, 2015: my first wedding of 2015; my first wedding ever... The day after Valentine's day! Such a romantic atmosphere... When I met the bride-to-be Simona, six months earlier, I was overwhelmed by her love for his groom-to-be Angelo and Petra, the baby girl she was expecting. Simona is so passionate, she would never stop talking and you would ne[...]

Love is a winning game

Last year I took part in a treasure hunt in a corn maze organized by Hort Soc Coop in Senigallia: girls vs boys, lots of fun! We girls won of course :-) Women rule!! The corn maze is big, well-kept and the sun rays passing the plants at the sunset create a special, magical and romantic athmosphere. I thought it could be the perfect setting for an Engagem[...]

Wet bride, lucky bride!

"Wet bride, lucky bride!" is the most common saying we Italian people love to cheer brides in case of rain on their wedding day, while we desperately try to find a positive aspect in this negative situation. This has probably been a very frequent sentence heard during this summer weddings in Italy. Do you think brides has really felt lucky? I have serious do[...]

Our friend, our bride

When the bride is first of all a good friend, I take my uniform of wedding planner off and dress the part of the super-organized friend. It's very useful to have a friend with a good relationship with the suppliers, who knows well how to move in the web to find those materials which are impossible to source in Italy, who is very flexible when it's about work[...]

Day 1 - Let's start!

It's May 15th 2014 today and I'm finally online with my website and my blog. I'm not very chatty, I prefer to let the pictures and images of beautiful things picked here and there talk, I prefer to express myself through the new objects I make and my great partners-friends make for me. So don't expect to read poems in this blog, as I just want to talk about [...]